The Citizen

  • Az állampolgár
  • Section: Best of
  • Hungary
  • 2016 / 110 min.
  • Director: Roland Vranik
  • Cast: Ági Máhr, Marcelo Cake-Baly, Arghavan Shekari
  • Hungarian version with English and Czech subtitles

Contact: Hungarian National Film Fund

A romantic drama about an unorthodox relationship between an older man in pursuit of citizenship and his history teacher.

Wilson is trying to become a Hungarian citizen. This is not his first time to make the attempt, but although he is already fluent in Hungarian, he has difficulty passing the tests, in particular, the history test. His boss at the supermarket where he works as a guard arranges private lessons with Marie, a woman of about Wilson’s age. As the two of them dig deeper into the history books, the student-teacher relationship transforms into one of romance, and they become lovers. But it is not only society’s prejudices that this complicated relationship finds itself running up against…



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