Toni Erdmann

  • Toni Erdmann
  • Section: LUX Film Prize
  • Germany, Austria
  • 2016 / 163 min.
  • Director: Maren Ade
  • Cast: Peter Simonischek, Sandra Hüller, Michael Wittenborn
  • German version with English and Czech subtitles

Kontakt: Film Europe

“Everyone needs a hero”. This comedy sensation from the Cannes Film Festival about an eccentric father and his ambitious daughter astounded critics and audiences alike.

Music teacher Winfried Conradi’s life has become a monotonous routine, one he periodically escapes from by turning to his adolescent passion – funny disguises. With the passing of his only faithful companion, a blind dog, Winfried decides to reconnect with his daughter, Ines, who has given up everything for her career. After an unsuccessful attempt at contact, Winfried changes his strategy. What he cannot attain as a failed father can, he can with the help of his shapeless alter-ego, German ambassador and life coach, Toni Erdmann.

Awards:  LUX Film Prize 2016. Cannes FF 2016: FIPRESCI Prize. European Film Awards 2016: Film, Actor, Actress, Director, Screenwriter. Brussels IFF 2016: Best film, Best screenplay. Seville European FF 2016: Audience Award, Best European Co-Production. Norwegian International Film Festival 2016: Norwegian Film Critics Award. And many other prizes including nomination for Oscar.




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