Smoke & Mirrors

  • El hombre de las mil caras
  • Section: Best of
  • Spain
  • 2016 / 123 min.
  • Director: Alberto Rodríguez
  • Cast: Eduard Fernández, José Coronado, Carlos Santos, Marta Etura, Emilio Gutiérrez Cabam, Luis Callejo
  • Spanish version with English and Czech subtitles

Contact: Film Factory Entertainment

Bribery, crown witnesses, the Secret Service and billions on foreign accounts; the story of Spain’s biggest ‘90s corruption scandal and the man who fooled an entire country.

With the revelation that senior politician, Luis Roldán, had scammed his way to more than 10 million euros during the ‘90s,  a dangerous game between the Secret Service and one brave man, former agent Francisco Paesa, is put into play. In the midst of fake getaways and real escapes, currency transfers, money laundering and deals with the police, there is no telling who is with who. Is it a hazardous game of cat and mouse, or the perfect crime? This edge-of-the-seat spy thriller by Albert Rodríguez, author of Marshland, has received many awards, most notably for Eduard Fernández’s portrayal of the lead role; it received a Goya for best adapted screenplay.

Awards: Gaudí Awards 2017: Best Male Lead. San Sebastián IFF 2016: Feroz Zinemaldia Award, Best Actor.


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